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A Highly specialized, well skilled and experienced team handling a wide variety of climate controlled cargo!

With the know-how of more than 85 years in this very sensitive field of perishable logistics, the division is your best possible guarantee that your perishable cargo, such as flowerbulbs, live plants etc., will go places without so much as a scratch.

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You are very welcome to submit your  request right away for any kind of transport worldwide.

Kindly just hand us the relevant and required details, and we will send you an offer by email  upon receipt of your informations.

Looking forward to your request.

Denkers B.V.

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The general forwarding department of Denkers International offers its clients a total transport concept.

This concept is based on many years of theoretical, commercial and practical experience in the engineering and transportation of any commodity one might think of.

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Denkers BV is AEO certified by the Dutch customs. Denkers BV has opted for the most extended version of AEO, which means that in relation to Customs simplicity as well as safety, your shipments with Denkers BV, are in reliable hands.

» aeo certified

Denkers BV is AEO gecertificeerd


Denkers Chile S.p.A. is the representative of Denkers Shipping BV for Chile and Latin America. We are an innovative company, committed to the international shipment of goods by sea, land, and air. Because we demand excellence from ourselves, our customers receive superior service.

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New VGM regulation by July 1st 2016.

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