Freight forwarder Colombia: Straightforward solutions with Denkers BV

Need freight forwarder Colombia services?

Then you're in luck. Denkers BV is a trusted provider of logistics solutions with a wealth of experience transporting cargo to Colombia.

Over many years, we have forged a fruitful partnership with the freight forwarder Colombia company Interandina. Alongside them and other partners, we are able quickly, safely, and efficiently transport goods by sea freight and air freight between the Netherlands and Colombia, among other destinations.

While we are recognized as market leaders in transporting flower bulbs and other horticultural products, we are equipped to handle a range of goods as required.
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Freight forwarder Colombia: Trading with a growing export market

Dutch traders have long recognized South America as a valuable import and export destination. Colombia, in particular, is fast becoming an important trading partner for the Netherlands thanks, in no small part, to its free trade agreement with the EU.

The main Colombian exports to Dutch markets are oils, food products, coffee, plants, and flower bulbs, while the Netherlands mainly exports electronic and telecommunications equipment, pharmaceutical products, machinery, and chemicals to Colombia.

Denkers BV offers multiple air and sea freight forwarder Colombia options for your cargo, whatever it may be. From Medellin and Cali to Bogota and beyond, we discuss with you the best way to transport your products so you can be sure they will be handled well and arrive on time.

Air freight forwarder Colombia: What are the benefits?

The fastest and most reliable way to transport products to Colombia is through an air freight service.

Denkers BV provides comprehensive air freight forwarder Colombia services. We know the requirements of international air freight inside-out and have built a solid network of agents and partners in Colombia to ensure the safe and speedy handling of your goods.

Here are the main benefits of air freight forwarder Colombia services compared to sea freight.


When time is of the essence, air freight is the way to go. Your goods will arrive in a matter of days, while sea freight can take between two to three weeks, or even longer.


Air freight is a safer mode of transport for goods. They are less likely to be stolen or damaged due to strict security controls and the quick turnaround time for delivery.


Air freight carriers run on very reliable schedules. Delays and cancellations are rare so you can be confident there won't be an issue with your delivery.


Air freight is a flexible option for your cargo. You can easily adapt your export order in response to changing circumstances or plans. It is also possible to deliver your goods by air freight to more destinations directly than with sea freight since there are relatively few seaports.
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Freight forwarder Colombia: Denkers BV takes care of the paperwork

Laws and regulations governing air cargo are very strict and tightly controlled. They also differ from one destination to the next.

For importers and exporters, this can be confusing.

With Denkers BV as your logistics partner though, you don't need to worry about it. We know the freight forwarder Colombia's rules and regulations inside out.

We make sure your cargo complies with these, from the correct customs clearance certificates and insurance documentation to proper packaging and labeling.

In need of freight forwarder Colombia services? Get in touch with Denkers BV

If you're looking for freight forwarder Colombia services, get in touch with us at Denkers BV to discuss your needs.

With our experience and track record in safely and efficiently transporting cargo to Colombia, we know one of our expert advisors will be able to offer a solution tailored to your requirements.


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