Air cargo Netherlands: A crucial hub for air freight transport

Air cargo Netherlands handles more air freight than any other country in Europe.

Globally, air cargo Netherlands is a major player as well. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) ranks the Netherlands as the second-best country in the world for facilitating the free flow of goods across borders.

Importers and exporters also take confidence in the Netherlands' ranking as the sixth-best country for facilitating air cargo through customs and border regulations.
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Air cargo Netherlands: What makes the Netherlands well suited to air cargo?

Air cargo Netherlands is the ideal place for air freight handling for several reasons.

Its location in the heart of Europe is advantageous for low-cost trade throughout the continent. This is complemented by excellent road, railway, and canal infrastructure that enables the free flow of goods in the country and far beyond.

The Dutch government has also played a role in securing the place of air cargo Netherlands as one of the most important hubs for air freight transport. It has offered various incentives in the form of tax breaks and subsidies to encourage companies to develop infrastructure and for logistics companies to base their operations in the Netherlands.

Air cargo Netherlands: What are the main ports for air cargo in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has multiple airports across the country, such as Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport.

However, the three largest airports suited for air cargo are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Maastricht Airport.

Air freight Schiphol Amsterdam

As the largest airport in the Netherlands and the third largest cargo gateway in Europe, air freight Schiphol is vital to the Netherlands' air freight industry. It accounts for the vast majority of air cargo handled in the country.

Air freight Schiphol operates more direct cargo flights to more destinations than any other airport in the Netherlands and boasts the largest cargo storage capacity as well.

The airport is well-served by its central location in the Netherlands and its position as a "mainport" with international road, rail, and canal routes passing through.

Air cargo Rotterdam The Hague

Air cargo Rotterdam The Hague does not have the air freight capacity of Schiphol Amsterdam, but it is conveniently located close to the Rotterdam seaport, which is the largest in Europe.

It is also very close to Amsterdam, which means air cargo Netherlands can arrive at Schiphol Airport and then, if necessary, be transported as sea freight from Rotterdam.

Air freight Maastricht Airport

Maastricht Airport is the second hub for air cargo Netherlands. It is situated in the south of the country, close to the German and Belgian borders.

As a much smaller air cargo hub, it offers greater flexibility and fewer expected delays than Schiphol Amsterdam, while also boasting excellent road and rail links.
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Denkers BV: A trusted air cargo Netherlands partner

With excellent air freight and transport infrastructure available in the Netherlands, Denkers BV utilizes this capacity as a logistics service provider to help suppliers transport their goods to destinations worldwide.

Denkers BV built its reputation as the market leader of flower bulb transportation and can apply this expertise in the import and export of a wide range of goods as air freight.

With our door-to-door air freight service, including all insurance and customs paperwork, you needn't worry about a thing. The Netherlands' position as one of the best countries for facilitating air freight transport alongside our reputation as a leading air freight service provider means you can focus on the core activities of your business, and leave the logistics to us.

To find out how we can help your business, get in touch with one of our expert advisors and they'll be happy to discuss your needs.


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