Air freight to door for speedy transport of goods worldwide

Air freight to door service is an all-in-one solution for safely and conveniently transporting goods worldwide in the shortest possible time.Instead of having to arrange the transport of your goods to one airport and their collection from another, Denkers BV, as an air freight to door service provider, takes care of the entire delivery chain. This means that companies transporting goods can instead focus more on the core revenue-generating elements of their business.
Air freight to door
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Air freight to door: Step-by-step

An air freight to door service involves multiple steps that must each be managed and coordinated together to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of goods. Here are all the steps that Denkers BV arranges on your behalf in collaboration with our trusted global network of logistics providers.

Administration and insurance
We negotiate the best insurance premiums for your goods and arrange all other necessary documentation following relevant local rules and regulations.

The goods are picked up from the address specified by the customer.

The goods are repackaged as required and then passed on to the airline.

We arrange the paperwork necessary to ensure the goods are cleared through customs at the point of departure.

The goods are transported by aircraft.

Holding and handling
On arrival at the destination airport, the goods are held at a secure on-site facility.

We ensure, once again, that the goods then pass through customs clearance at the destination airport.

Final delivery
The goods are then delivered to the door of the customer's specified address.

air freight to door transport - What goods are best suited?

Air freight to door transport is not necessarily suited to all kinds of products since it is, in general, more expensive than shipment by sea freight. There are still many instances where air freight to door transport is the preferred option though since it is the faster, safer, and more reliable method. That's why air freight makes up one-third of the value of world trade.

The types of goods best suited for air freight include:High-value products where the transportation cost is low compared to the product's relative value, such as electronics or jewelry.

Goods that may spoil quickly like certain pharmaceuticals, perishable food products, flower bulbs, and plants.Other time-sensitive shipments such as spare parts for machinery or automobiles when delivery by sea would take too long.

Fragile, valuable items are at less risk of damage as airfreight than when transported by land or sea.
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Denkers BV: Trusted air freight to door transport service provider

Denkers BV provides air freight to door services worldwide for a range of goods. Our team of experts and network of trusted logistics providers takes care of every step in the process, ensuring your goods are picked up, handled, and delivered in the safest, most efficient way possible.

We are the market leader in the transport of flower bulbs, meaning we know how to best transport perishable goods that have specific temperature and environmental requirements. Equally, we can arrange the air freight to door transport of goods under normal conditions as well. To find out how your business can benefit from a comprehensive air freight to door service, get in touch with one of our experienced advisors to discuss your needs and they will be happy to find a solution for you at the lowest possible cost.


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