Our history

About denkers BV

Denkers is a family business founded in 1985 by Jaap and Iteke Denkers. It was initially a forwarding company based in Zevenaar, on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. Later, when the borders opened up, the company started operating as a forwarding and logistics company based in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. The company is now run by the couple’s son Mark Woertman.

Over the years

natural growth

By providing a high quality service and added value, Denkers BV has experienced strong natural growth over the years to become what it is now: a reputable logistics service provider and the market leader in flower bulb transport.

No matter how successful we are in what we do, we will always remain a relatively small family business with short lines of communication, personal contact, and genuine commitment. We feel responsible for your interests and will do our utmost to organize your transport as optimally as possible. From door to door so that you have complete peace of mind. 


how we think

Company philosophy

Our logo incorporates an image of Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’. Not only does this reflect our family name and company name (‘Denkers’ is Dutch for ‘Thinkers’), but also our company philosophy: Thoughtful motion. This is our strength and is depicted in The Thinker. This image clearly shows our intention to carefully consider our customers’ logistical problems so that we can keep finding the best possible solutions time and again. 


faster and better transport

Sound good to you?

Denkers BV consists of three business units

widely applicable

Denkers International

Denkers International has existed since the company was founded in 1985. This unit organizes the forwarding of all sorts of cargo worldwide. By sea, by road, by rail, and by air. Both LCL and FCL. Under normal and climate-controlled conditions. 

Denkers Shipping

Denkers Shipping was added to the company in 2004. This branch specializes in, and is now market leader in, the transport of flower bulbs and plants. In combination with Denkers International, we can put this expertise to use worldwide. 

Denkers Chile

Due to a concentration of nurseries in Chile, we have set up a separate company there so that we can act quickly. This Chilean subsidiary organizes all services for Denkers BV in Chile and Latin America. Also for goods other than flower bulbs. Our presence in the region, familiarity with local legislation, and our own fleet means that we can provide a quick and flexible response. 

Denkers air

Denkers Air has started in 2023. Denkers B.V. imports and exports a wide range of goods by air worldwide. Some under normal conditions and some under climate-controlled conditions. As the market leader in the transport of flower bulbs, we know better than anyone how to determine the right transport conditions for your freight.

core values


We take responsibility for our actions that affect the lives of our customers and employees.


Our organization is characterized by our feeling of responsibility and our social involvement.


Our efficient and effective approach ensures we find the best solution to any problem.


We have fun and celebrate small successes on the road to achieving major successes.


We put our hearts and souls into achieving optimal results.


We respect ourselves and others and provide a working environment centred around teamwork and growth.

OPtimal service

We offer internationally renowned services and strive to provide transport at the highest possible level every day.



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