Distribution options in north-america

Distribution options in the USA canada

Denkers is a forwarding and logistics company that is very well represented in the USA and Canada. We have been organizing transport to and from these countries for many years now. What makes a difference is our temperature-controlled consolidated refrigerated trailers. This makes us a highly valued partner not only in the flower bulb, onion, and garlic sector but also in all sectors involving temperature and humidity sensitive products. 

Groupage and LCL transport to the USA and Canada

Denkers specializes in groupage and LCL transport to the USA and Canada. We can combine small consignments in such a way that they can be transported as reliably and as efficiently as possible. This leads to considerable discounts for you as the customer. When combining different consignments, we always consider the best possible transport conditions. 

transhipment of goods

Transfer facilities on USA’s east coast

When exporting your goods to American ports, Denkers BV offers a unique service: our transfer facility. This facility is located next to the container terminal. Immediately upon the ship’s arrival, your cargo is taken to a temperature-controlled facility for unloading. From this facility, the cargo is put directly on a domestic refrigerated truck for further transport to all American states. This method eliminates any risk of delays or loss of quality.


What makes us different

We help you on your way
  • The fastest and most efficient route to any destination

  • Maximum flexibility if anything changes

  • Guaranteed to arrive fresh at the destination thanks to our advanced refrigeration systems
  • Available 24/7 for support

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