Transport of fruits & vegetables

The transport of fruits and vegetables is a delicate process. When it comes to the export and import of fruits and vegetables, beverages and perishable goods, Denkers International BV is the right party for your business. Our years of experience demonstrate that the required logistical component is our specialty.

For this sector, our main trade routes are as follows: Europe > Middle East and Far East with 40ft standard containers and 40ft refrigerated containers (reefer sea containers), Europe > North and South America with 40ft standard containers and 40ft refrigerated containers, both import and export.

Transport of fruits and vegetables

Every year, we ship a considerable number of containers – both refrigerated and dry – filled with onions, garlic, fruits and vegetables for both import and export. To meet our clients’ needs, we have to focus on the entire logistical chain and take both financial and operational aspects into consideration. The international logistical transport chain begins with the loading of the goods. This is followed by delivery to consolidated warehouses/customs warehouses, the stuffing of containers by our selected partners, terminal activities conducted by the transporter, customs formalities upon export, procedures on board the ship and the ship’s departure. In addition to these operational aspects, it is of the utmost importance to take proper care of the (digital) paperwork. We conduct strict inspections of this paperwork throughout the entire transport operation.

Here is an overview of our agents in the western hemisphere:

  • Denkers Chile S.p.A. in Chile
  • Interandina Internacional S.A. in Colombia
  • International Freight Services Inc in the USA
  • Journey Freight International in Canada
  • CGO Assessoria em comercio exterior s/c LTDA in Brazil
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